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Crowdfunding 4.0, do you know?

Crowdfunding has evolved so far in its content as well in its form.

Crowdfunding 1.0

The first generation of crowfunding appeared with the tontine. Since the course of tontine has gone through all continents, all civilizations and still exists today, in a flourishing manner in developing countries, in Africa, Asia, the Americas where it takes different shapes, from the most rudimentary forms to the more elaborate ones (informal groups, associations and cooperatives, associations, unions, mutual funds, insurance etc.).

In Africa, the tontine takes from customary forms of solidarity and mutual assistance, to those more current savings and credit, insurance and guaranteed. Thus, people are organized by affinity, on the workplace, in the extended family, in corporations, in order to cope with economic, social and cultural requirements essential to their well-being.

Crowdfunding 2.0

The second-generation of crowdfunding was born in the 18th century in the charitable field. One of the first notable projects financed by crowdfunding was the Statue of Liberty.

Some older forms of financing such as business angels, angel investors, are a likely source of inspiration at the base of crowdfunding. This is indeed a case where a sum of individuals outside the project will invest in it (source Wikipedia).


Crowdfunding 3.0

With the advent of the Internet in the mid-1990s, the third generation of crowdfunding came to existence. The term Crowdfunding was born in this era from the neologism crowdsourcing, invented and popularized by Howe in the magazine Wired in 2006 (source Wikipedia.  Since, we have come to wetness the creation of several platforms of crowdfunding on the net. On these platforms, project developers submit their projects and fund investors invest.

Crowdfunding 4.0

The fourth generation of crowdfunding, for which to site stands for precursor innovates in fundraising and therefore in the financing of projects. The fundraising is through participation in a participatory e-tontine. From the concept of crowdfunding 4.0, we find not on one side, investors and the other side, project bearers. But only investors who invest their money either to improve their income or to implement their own projects.

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