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TRIP: Cheap airline tickets

You like to travel, you are often looking forward to arriving, and you care about your comfort and your safety; so, the plane is your best ally

For the price issue, a very good news!

MPCash has thought of you, with its offer '' cheaper airfare ''. We may even say, '' Much cheaper ''

Billet d avion 1

How to take advantage of ''Cheaper airline ticket offer''?

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First of all, register on or It's free.

After validating your registration, take the time to get acquainted with the platform, in order to make an optimal use of it, because besides that offer ''Cheaper airfare'', MPCash offers a whole range of opportunities.

To order your ticket:

  • Access your back office;
  • point your cursor at 'mutual'' and click  on ''Air Ticket'' in the Drop-down menu that opens;
  • Fill in the form that opens and confirm to send your price request to MPCash;
  • If you have a preference for a particular company make sure to fill in the box "Company";
  • Another window opens, asking the identity of the adult travelers; fill it in and validate;
  • The next step confirms the receipt of your request by MPCash;
  •  MPCash processes your request and communicates to you the amount you will be required to pay in equivalent investment products of MPCash's Participatory Electronic Tontine within one week;
  • If the offer suits to you, subscribe  and pay the fixed amount immediatly;
  • You will also naturally have to accept the contractual clauses provided for this purpose in the regulation of mutual

Non refundable treatment fee: € 5. 

If you are not a member yet

profit to be registered

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