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TONTINE ONLINE: The Web tontine in a few lines

  • By mpcash
  • On 07/08/2018
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Tontine en ligne

Online tontines are tontines which memberships and participations are made online. On the web, there are mainly four different forms:

The classic online tontines

It takes place between close relationships. You are a group of definite number, you determine by common agreement the fixed amount of the participation to be paid regularly, determine the frequency of the contribution and establish the order of passage.

Tontine classique

For each period, the money put together is automatically paid to one of the members of the group, according to the established order. Platforms like Squirroo offer their services to those who are attached to the traditional principles of tontine.

Online Tontines with sponsorship

This is the MLM version of Tontine. At first you need to search for at least two godsons. Reached a certain level, this is no longer obligatory. But to maximize your winnings, you still need to build your network. This is the favorite tontine of MLM leaders.

Tontine parrainage

These opportunities are offered by sites such as BitcoinX4, Mastercash, SmartFund, Jonalepay, CashExpress, etc...

Apps Tontines

Tontine appli

Applications to organize your tontines online, it counts a lot on the web. The best known are Tonteo, Djangui, Natebi.... Some of these applications allow members of a tontine to organize themselves online, to share meeting reports, to schedule videoconferences, to chat, to allocate their prize pool by chance draw at the beginning of each month.

The open type Tontines with return on investment (ROI)

This is the niche of the MPCash platform, the Maximum audience that generates Cash, the top 1 of tontines, PRIZE ISLQ IN QUALITY, awarded by Business Initiative Directions.

MPCash is the only platform that through the tontine:

  • makes you travel with cheaper airfare than travel agencies and companies could offer;
  • Makes you earn your home at 40% of the normal price;
  • Saves you 60% of your health budget
  • etc....

Tontine avec roi

In the MPCash Tontine, no more sponsorship, no more mobilization of relatives, only your investment counts. In fact, with the participatory electronic tontine of MPCash, the number of shareholdings is not limited and each equity stake constitutes an asset with very high ROI. The applied ROI rates are 71%, 50%, 40%, and 10% with time limits that vary from 2 months and over.

On top of this, MPCash has a mobile application downloadable on Playstore.

NOTICE: We stay open to any rectification and addition in this article. We also count on your collaboration to build a directory of online tontines

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