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CHEAP AIRLINE TICKETS: How does it work?

Billet d avion

You want an airline ticket? We sell it to you two to three times cheaper than the travel agencies and even cheaper than the company could offer !!!

The question that comes naturally to your mind is HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

How does MPCash manage to sell airline tickets so cheap?

The participatory electronic tontine is the must-have engine of the website, thanks to which everything is possible. A mechanism never imagined before, able to accommodate to all situations, it is the recipe par excellence invented by MPCash and allowing it to provide different services in areas as varied as complex, but where the financial issue occupies a central position.

The tontine in all its history remained a local and localized concept; which naturally imposes limits. MPCash has all the merit of having succeeded this twist of erasing all the limits attached to the tontine practice, resulting among other things by the abolition of the geographical borders and the practice of very high interest rates on the participation takings, varying between 10% and 71% depending on the products.

MPCash positions itself as a paying third party to buy your plane ticket at the normal price "X" on the site of ticket sales. It gives it then to the member at a low price "X-N". This "X-N" amount that the member pays in product equivalent is introduced in the electronic tontine with a return on investment of 71%.

To get into its funds and pretend to make a profit, MPcash will have to wait all the time it will take, until the participation takings to the tontine, equivalent to the price "X-N" receive their return of investment with a 71% increase. It is then at the end of the normal cycle of the products of the tontine that MPCash recovers what he assigned for the purchase your ticket and finds in addition a certain benefit.

You on your side, you will have had the advantage of buying your ticket in peace at a price that defies all competition, without pressure and to have your ticket in due time, for your trip and, MPCash harvest at the end the reward of its patience.

Billet d avion 3

Give it a try by buying your airline ticket once and you will come back again and again!

Register on the or platform and get your back office

Access your back office any time and fill out the price request form, taking into account your specific options, your preference for a company, the possibility of postponing your travel, etc. and confirm to submit your price request to MPCash.

In order to dissuade jokers who flood us with non real requests, just to have fun maybe, but which unnecessarily increase the workload of our teams, you will have for the validation of your request, to pay a non-refundable processing fee worth € 5, to insure us of the trustworthiness of your approach.

If the procedure described until then is respected, our services proceed to the treatment of your request. This consists of looking for the airfare on the airline ticket sales websites, and taking into account your preferential choices. Once this step is over we will send you the price of your ticket directly into your back office

If the proposed price is right for you, then you subscribe and pay the price of your ticket in equivalent products or participations takings units of the participatory electronic tontine right from your back office.

As soon as we note your payment, we proceed to the purchase of your ticket and transfer it by email into your mailbox.

So you receive your airline ticket quietly in your inbox, and whats only remains is to wish you a very good trip!

Great!!! Isn’t it?

Satisfied with your trip?

Very happy for you!

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