How to submit your project for Crowdfunding: A platform talks to you about it!

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You are a project bearer which implementation holds you tight, very close to your heart. The achievement of this project will no doubt change many things in your life and those of your family, friends and associates. But you wonder how to find the funds necessary to achieve your dream?

Fundraising by means of crowdfunding is a solution that Maximum PubliCash offers to you and wants to hold your hand up to its completion.

But before, MPCash should better know you and your project. This is why you will be requested to personally provide detailed information about yourself and your project. Thus we can work together to properly present your project on our platform for fundraising.

However, to make this fundraising campaign a success, it is important for you to have a promising, innovative and well written project, I guess you become doubtful, about how you can meet this standard if yourself; you are not an expert in project designing?

No worry! The most important nowadays for any entrepreneur is to be able to devise a good project initiative. The freelancer on MPCash and elsewhere on the web are there, and will be pleased to help you get your best business ideas out of the void.

At Maximum PubliCash, it’s the maximum audience that generates the cash!

Step 1: Join our crowdfunding platform

Join at or by clicking on "REGISTER" on to top menu of the home page and filling out the simplified form and validate. This will lead strait forward in your back office.

This is already enough to make you part of the great MPCash community. This status allows you then, if you want to use the many services and opportunities present on the platform of Maximum PubliCash.

Step 2: Fill in your ID file for crowdfunding

If your project is really what matters most to you immediately, access any time at your member area, click the Settings button under the avatar set for downloading your picture, and complete your account information. 

Step 3: Let us know your intention to submit a project for crowdfunding

Under the "Crowdfunding 4.0" menu, click on "submit a project" and complete the additional information file relating to yourself and introducing your project. This concretely means:

  • Add an official identification document (national identity card, passport) to allow us to know you better;
  • Your CV updated, if necessary or your LinkedIn profile if you have one;
  • The title of your project;
  • If it is a project for extension or improving your enterprise, give its name, registration number, date of creation, its presentation pages on social networks and other information that characterize it.

With this information, we will contact you if ever we need additional information.


Step 4: Tell us more in detail about your project submitted to crowdfunding

The elements to be presented at this step are directly related to your project. A form will guide you to best present the environment of your enterprise if ever and / or your project.

The information to be provided will particularly cover the following aspects:

Key information about the project:

  • Short description of the project;
  • Total project cost (in euro);
  • Objective set for fundraising (in euro);
  • Needs already covered by other sources (in euro);
  • Your personal contribution (in euro);
  • State of Competition;
  • Competitive advantages ;
  • Strengths ;
  • weaknesses;
  • Jobs that will be created
  • Key figures;
  • Composition of capital.

The expertise available for the project:

  • Composition of the project team; key people and their qualifications and experience; the existence of external advice in the immediate environment of the project;
  • This point is important because the team, through its quality, motivation and complementarities of its members is a key to the success of your project.

 Finally you can upload the presentation documents, which you consider necessary to send to us for a good understanding of your application (business plan, sales brochure, statutes, shareholders' agreement ...).

If you are not a member yet

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