HOLIDAYS: Have fun with only 40% of your holiday budget

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Yes!!! It's the holidays! The vacation is sacred and essential to your physical and mental balance, which also affects your productivity at work; but unfortunately! Easy to say and understand, but not always easy to do because it requires money, often a lot of money, you do not always have!!!

No more hassle! MPCash has thought of you! Now, take your holidays in peace, when you want and how you want! Spoil yourself with MPCash mutual holiday. You only pay 40% of the bill. Hey!!! YES! 40%. Decide and save up to 60% for your pleasure and well-being.

What means holidays for you?

Holidays sends back to traveling, visits, hotels, restaurants, Sun, beach, Mountain, countryside, tourism....... all in well-selected, attractive and relaxing places to let you have fun and escape from your everyday life often made of subway-job-sleep. Hey! Subway? Sorry, I forgot! Everyone do not have subway at home!!! But where is the difference anyway? If you do not have the subway, you are probably doing auto-job-sleep, moto-job-sleep, biking-job-sleep or camel-work-sleep!!! You always repeat the same cycle, 11 out of 12 months at best, and at worst 12 to 12 months, supposedly to secure your future, the future of your family ... But the time for yourself, when is it?

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How to take full advantage of the offer ''Holidays Mutual''?

Very simple :

  • First of all, sign up at or It's free.
  • After validating of your registration, take the time to get to well know the platform, to become familiar for its optimal operation, because, besides the offer ''Holiday Mutual'', MPCash offers a whole range of opportunities.
  • Establish your holiday planning, pick your destination(s) and decide how much money you need. Get help from a specialized agency if need and build your project;
  • Access your back office, head to ''holiday mutual'' Under ''Mutual funds'' and fill out the form for pricing, not forgetting to download your project doc., then confirm to send your request to MPCash;
  • Wait for MPCash response within a week;
  • If your application is accepted, subscribe and pay your dues amounting in average to about 40% of the bill, as indicated in the notice of acceptance;
  • You will naturally accept the contractual clauses relating to the mutual fund services in GUC;
  • Once these conditions are met, we put your project for fundraising throughout the participatory electronic tontine; you can follow the fundraising course directly from your back office;
  • As soon as the amount is completed, you receive a fundraising closing notification and we will contact you or your agency to proceed to the bank transfer and, you receive a copy anyway;
  • All issues from then onwards, relating to management of your holiday portfolio is your full responsibility, you and your agency as appropriate, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations of your country and of your destination country.

Come back whenever you want, we are available for other services!

And, do not forget to share this offer around!

At MPCash, it’s the maximum audience that generates the cash!

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