Crowdfunding 4.0: How to fund your projects from scratch?

Projet 4

Several tips for financing your project by the crowdfunding 4.0 do exist of course. I’ll just give two of them to you today. And, I will be revealing more to you, gradually, as we will be moving together.

Tip # 1 to finance your projects by crowdfunding 4.0: Humility in action!

Divide your project into logical parts until the costs of the starting part correspond to 71% of the money you can put in there, right now, and immediately. In other words, be humble.

Now inject the money you have into the tontine at 71% return on investment (ROI). Recover 71% upon completion of the 1rst cycle, and start the project while reinvesting the initial sum in the tontine at 71% ROI. MPCash gives you the possibility to repeat the operation as many times as necessary. For example, if your project is divided into 10 parts, after the 10th operating cycle your project is fully funded and you still have your starting capital. So after ten spins, your project will have cost you time, but not money. As to say, time itself is a resource, that, we just need to make good use. 

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Tip # 2 to finance your projects by crowdfunding 4.0: Patience at the forefront!

You do not have any penny; but, you do have a project that holds you tight, close to your heart. Ok, everything will go as well! The first thing to do is take patience. Embark in freelance work on MPCash. You will collect at least a minimum amount of 35 Euro that you will inject into our incubator, which is the tontine at 71% ROI. By doing so, you will be able build a base asset. Then, proceed as described in Tip # 1.

This is a tontine, a mutual aid, solidarity and sharing. If others get mobilized for your project to succeed, go ahead and, do so for them. It’s that, MPCash!

Want help in cutting your projects? Contact our MPCash counselors, they will provide you needed support, free of charge.

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