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TONTINE: Did you know? The Participatory Electronic Tontine, a powerful lever for your finances

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The MPCash concept is innovative and different from the classic work by its simplicity and equity among its members.

With little money, you build the material foundations of your economic and financial development yourself.

Why participatory Electronics Tontine is a powerful lever?

The lever word has several definitions; however we’ll retain the one, which perfectly illustrates the mechanism of participatory electronics tontine.

A lever is a bar that rotates upon a fulcrum and can lift heavy loads.

The fulcrum here, is the whole MPCash community all across the world, that will allow your savings to grow (be left up) to more than 10% every 2 months; means about 60% per year by means of its product called ‘‘Super flash box’'.

Give me a fulcrum and I will lift the world; Archimedes said ... or leverage ... and How?


How does it works with the Super Flash Box of the Participatory Electronic Tontine of MPCash?

The operation scheme of the Super Flash Box mimics the mechanism of classical tontine, namely, the order and number of share units, amplifies it by electronic media to bring it to the world scale and reach a large mass. The most is that you are paid at a fixed period of two months with a ROI of 10%.

Once the engine is launched, you get a positive dynamics that will make you enter a virtuous circle: I earn money passively then, I continue to invest more and more because I have more capacity each month. The share I earn in interest is going to grow my income, and reinvesting every euro earned, I will quickly benefit from the snowball effect.

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Now that you finally know the secret accelerator pedal of your finances with MPCash's participatory electronic tontine, will you now be able to set foot on the accelerator, too?

I am interested ! How to participate?

Well it's simple. To get the Super Flash Box, it's the same Flash Box that YOU buy, but following a subscription process.

But before all, sign up at or

If you are not a member yet

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