HEALTH: Save 60% of your "health budget". Discover the trick!

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Your health is very valuable for yourself, for your family, for your friends, for your country and for us, to be left to chance in life.

MPCash "Health Mutual funds", do you know?

Health is one of the fundamental rights for every human being, recognized by the WHO Constitution, adopted in 1948. The universal health coverage resulting from this constitution and the World Health Strategy for All, launched in 1979 promotes equitable access to good quality health services for all, while ensuring financial protection of users who should not be exposed to financial difficulties, due to their subscription to health insurance regardless of their condition and their financial situation.

Still, health insurance remains a luxury for many people, especially in developing countries and, in the world of working, many employees are often left to their own fate, and may even lose their jobs, subsequently to disease causing work incapacity, even temporary, thus, making living and work conditions very precarious.

The MPCash participatory mutual stands intermediate between the insured and the insurer to make health insurance accessible to the greatest number of people. To the assured it offers new payment facilities of the premium and the insurer it guaranties the solvency of the customer.

MPCash achieves this feat tripartite win - win partnership through Participatory Electronic Tontine as leverage, using information and communications technology, with the internet being the main canal.

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How to take full advantage of this offer "health mutual funds"?

Before doing anything else, sign up for free on or

After completion of your registration, take time to get to know the website and become familiar for its optimal use, because, besides the health insurance, MPCash offers a whole range of opportunities.

Regarding your health insurance plan:

  • Get an bill from your insurer, in accordance with your own insurance options;
  • Access your back office, go to  ''Health Mutual Funds'' and complete the pricing application form, not forgetting to download this bill along, and confirm to send your request to MPCash;
  • Wait for MPCash reply within a week;
  • If your application is approved subscribe and pay your participation amounting to about 40% of the value as indicated in the notification of acceptance;
  • You will naturally have to accept the contractual clauses issued to this effect in the regulation of mutual;
  • Once these conditions are met, we set your project for fundraising through the participatory electronic tontine; you can follow the course of fundraising straight from your back office;
  • As soon as the amount is completed, you will  receive a notification of closing the fundraising and we will contact your insurer for the bank transfer and, you receive a copy;
  • The regular procedures, take place as usual between you and your insurer, in accordance with the laws and regulations of your country of residence. 

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