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MUTUAL: Save by using the "mutual" products of your platform

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This article aims to enlighten you about the products "Mutual" of MPCash.

That said, note from the outset that MPCash is not a mutual and does not have on its platform, a Mutual of any kind whatsoever. But mutuality as a system of social solidarity based on reciprocal mutual support among members is naturally within the objectives of MPCash. This is why the mutualist function takes an important role in the benefits of the maximumpublicash platform, with the aim of providing access to various goods and services to members of the MPCash community.

Payment assistance for mutual benefits of your choice

Mutual function under MPCash is fundamentally that of Payment Assistance by placing itself somewhat in the position of third-party payment, for services and goods intended to improve the living and working conditions of these members. These services and goods that are usually the subject of benefits from insurance companies and mutual insurance companies remain very limited access for a good part of the world population, especially in developing countries where, even those devoted fundamental rights for every man, like the Universal Health Insurance do not always have their obligatory character.

Health insurance, a challenging issue for all budgets

Health costs can weigh heavily in a budget, even the most balanced, and even more so, even in developed countries where the compulsory nature of health insurance is recognized and applied, people still need to extra Health insurance, usually extra at their expense to cover all of their needs and, properly shelter. This consideration reinforces the usefulness of the MPCash opportunity in all latitudes.

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Widen the space of your wellness with MPCash mutual products

MPCash accompanies you for all the benefits that you want to have, thanks to its Participatory Electronic Tontine which is at the same time a springboard of solidarity and a powerful mechanism of fundraising. Once the funds have been collected, you are sure to benefit from the best benefits of your insurer or your mutual for the services and goods essential to your well-being.

For you to be insightful in the determination of your needs, so that nothing now misses your comfort!

The duration of the fundraising to respond appropriately to your solicitations is about six months. It is up to you to take the step back to make sure that you have the money at the right time for the goal you set

Sign up or and enjoy the many benefits' mutual MPCash '':

  • Mutual health;
  • Mutual real estate;
  • Mutual holiday;
  • Mutual Credit goods and services;
  •  Cheaper airline ticket

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