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REAL ESTATE: Discover how some people acquire their home to 40% of the normal price


The property, a word very strong resonance! Who has not dreamed of owning a property?

Here's the trick for some people!

A platform for your real estate project?

Real estate is a term defining and including any  business  or private related to  real estate . The term commonly refers to the activities of management and transaction taking place on the property, but it also affects many related activities such as:  housing , the  building , the  advancement , the  council , the planning , the architecture , the  management etc. The  law  and  finance  are areas of activity essential to the functioning of the housing market (Wikipedia).

MPCash offers primarily to assist you in acquiring your dwelling house or housing, or the acquisition of land to be used to build your dwelling house. This can be a house, an apartment, a field in the country, etc.

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How to take full advantage of this real estate offer?

Before anything else, sign up for free on  or

After validation of your registration, take the time to get to know the site to become familiar for its optimal use, because besides the acquisition of your home, MPCash offers a whole range of opportunities.

As for your real estate project:

  • Get set for your real estate agency invoice covering all costs associated with your project;
  • go to your back office, go to 'real estate mutual' '; and complete the price request, without forgetting to download this invoice, then confirm to send your request to MPCash
  • wait for MPCash's response within a week
  • If your application is approved subscribe and pay your participation amounting to about 40%, indicated in the notice of acceptance;
  • you will naturally accept contractual clauses to this effect in the regulation of mutual;
  • Once these conditions are met, we put your project by raising funds through participatory electronic tontine; you can follow the fundraiser directly in your back office;
  • as soon as the amount is completed, you receive a notification of closing of fundraising and we contact your agency for the bank transfer of which you receive ampliation
  • Following the procedure goes entirely between you and your real estate agency in accordance with the laws and regulations of your country.

If you are not a member yet

profit to be registered

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