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How to be funded as soon as possible !!! 5 Good tips

Financement projet

You have a great idea but lack funds to achieve it?

While crowdfunding 4.0 MPCASH, also called crowdfunding, is for you.

Crowdfunding 4.0 innovative concept gives you the ability to raise funds from a community of people linked through the Internet and who want to support your project, and it has a participatory e tontine

Crowdfunding 4.0 can be a good way to create a buzz about your idea because people love to talk about them - on social networks or friends - projects they support,

The objective of the platform crowdfunding 4.0 MPCASH is to ensure that anyone, anywhere, could see his dreams come true.

The 5 Best tips ... ..

  1. Create a compelling video on your project with a confident tone and is of good quality. You must know, most of the project summaries are based on a video and that's usually why trust people when they have to decide whether to support a project.
  2. Have a realistic fundraising goal (the total cost of your project must be reasonable). The purpose of the site crowdfunding 4.0 MPCASH is to provide you enough to cover your costs and take off your project.
  3. Make the promotion of your project. Every day until the end of your campaign, promote your project everywhere and every way possible
  4. Make yourself known bloggers and journalists writing on projects of similar crowdfunding. Depending on the country, you might be mentioned on networks of choice. This type of advertising can have a strong impact on the success of your project.
  5. Put pictures of your products is important and professional photos are still their effect. The images can easily become viral on networks that range, generating even more traffic to your campaign.

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