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Return on investment of 71%, how is this possible?

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Here is a very recurring question in some circles.

I will tell you yes! Yes ! And a thousand times yes! This is possible in the concept "the maximum audience generates cash".

Return on investment of 71%?

Of course, for those locked in their logic of classical economics, this eventuality is not likely.

In MPCash's participatory electronic tontine system, it is possible to have a return on investment of 71% and even 100%.

In the case of a tontine placement closed to two people at the rate of 100€ the bet, one receives the 100€ of the other and more. Is not his return on investment 100%? It's as simple as that !


Better yet, in an open tontine like the world and electronic MPCash, 71% return on investment is more than achievable!

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Return on investment of 71%, the example of MPCash

By example, for a set of 420 EURO, 12 unit share taking with 71%, you receive in return, your increased up to 300 EURO representing approximately 8.5 unit share taking of 35 EURO . Above all, remember, the number of equity is not limited as in the classic tontine. There are those who start with 1, 2, 3, ..., 10 equity  to see, but there are convinced and resolute people who start with several tens, or even a few hundred.

 A saying from home says this:: '' the right thing can not recognize themselves in another's mouth. '' So take the plunge and make your own experience. Buy your first Flash Box and see!

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With MaximumPublicash, it’s the maximum audience that generates the cash!

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