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Freelancing or self-employment is a working model very widespread on use nowadays. Yet very competent people in their technical field are chronically lacking job, while freelancing jobs are generally well paid. 

Indeed, it is generally accepted that in order to live from his job, the freelancer need should charge three or four times the hourly wage he would accept if he was in a permanent job. For cons, the difficulty that arises abut freelance, is how to handle with long gaps between missions.

Maximum PubliCash offers a valuable ideal solution in all circumstances, if your goal is to find a work and earn money.

Freelance on MPCash, how it works?

Very simple!

If you have any money to start with, that will sound better. But even if you miss the penny, do not panic; you'll realize all your dreams, even from scratch:

  • Register for free on  or ; 
  • Take time to read and understand the different opportunities offered by the platform;
  • Recommend this site to your parents, friends, colleagues and get them to sign up at their turn;
  • Do not forget to tell them to enter your nickname in the "Godfather" box on the registration form;
  • If this procedure is followed, you gradually will build your own customer portfolio that will reward you much;
  • So, every time someone in your client portfolio will buy a product of the Participatory Electronic Tontine,  Box Flash or Flash Pack, you will receive 2% of the value of his purchase and, so repeatedly and continuously;
  • Every time you refer a person, who subscribes to the offer made by MPCash for "Direct Registration" to its MLM product, without Sponsoring, you will receive a 4% commission;
  • If you reside in a country where our Shop Direct is available, sell any of the products from the shop and receive a sales commission of 1%;
  • Invest the commissions you earned to purchase some shares from the tontines and earn returns of investment, from 40% up to 71%.

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