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2 tips for financing your project through crowdfunding 4.0

Projet 2

In the first article I told you about two tricks to finance your projects  by MPCash and you promised to unveil more tips. Well! Here we are.

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TONTINE: The tontines flash box and flash pack in a few words

Tontine fb 3

The tontines flash box and flash pack are variants of classic tontine (rotary tontine, accumulative tontine) brought to world scale through the internet 

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How to submit your project for Crowdfunding: A platform talks to you about it!

Projet 1

You are a project bearer which implementation holds you tight, very close to your heart. The achievement of this project will no doubt change many things in your life and those of your family, friends and associates. But you wonder how to find the funds necessary to achieve your dream?

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HEALTH: Save 60% of your "health budget". Discover the trick!

Sante 2

Your health is very valuable for yourself, for your family, for your friends, for your country and for us, to be left to chance in life.

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REAL ESTATE: Discover how some people acquire their home to 40% of the normal price


The property, a word very strong resonance! Who has not dreamed of owning a property?

Here's the trick for some people!

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Scheme of Project funding by the crowdfunding of MPCash


Here is the funding scheme for your projects by the crowdfunding 4.0

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Financing your projects, a reality from now on!!!


Nothing is more powerful than an idea, which time has come and ready to sprout!!!

Dare to take your flight; we’ll provide you the wings!

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Freelance Opportunities


Freelancing or self-employment is a working model very widespread on use nowadays. Yet very competent people in their technical field are chronically lacking job, while freelancing jobs are generally well paid. 

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Crowdfunding 4.0: How to fund your projects from scratch?

Projet 4

Several tips for financing your project by the crowdfunding 4.0 do exist of course. I’ll just give two of them to you today. And, I will be revealing more to you, gradually, as we will be moving together.

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Insurance for Freelancer: A platform innovates!


The freelance status (self-employed) or chief entrepreneur is not easy at all. Banking institutions do not consider you creditworthy and mutual funds do not take you into account

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