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Insurance for Freelancer: A platform innovates!


The freelance status (self-employed) or chief entrepreneur is not easy at all. Banking institutions do not consider you creditworthy and mutual funds do not take you into account

Startups offering solutions adapted to Freelancer can be counted on fingertips.

Yet, as a freelancer, you have the responsibility to care of yourself in case of illness, accident at work, but also to prepare for retirement, etc.

Often we are so focused on our missions so that we forget to take time for these issues. And the very day we cannot work anymore, everything becomes very complicated

What are the different types of insurance for the freelancer?

They can be classified into four broad categories:

  • Insurance of your property and your business;
  • The insurance of your professional liability, which covers you for damage to your client;
  • Heath insurance (mutual funds);
  • The provident (pension, unemployment, life insurance ...).


What does MPCash offer as insurance coverage for freelancer?

MPCash, precursor of crowdfunding 4.0, with its powerful participatory electronic tontine, offers a wide range of social and other benefits to the Freelancer of any class and any kind: health insurance, legal protection, auto purchase, motorcycle purchase, acquiring housing, cuts that defy competition in many services (airline tickets, tickets restaurant, movie tickets, hotel fees ....), redemption of bank loans, etc ....


How does MPCash innovate in the different types of insurance for the freelancer?

Almost all platforms, offering insurance servicing for freelancer, require the payment of a subscription fee or insurance costs. With MPCash, it’s from the same amount you have to pay, that the platform will bear up to 60%; by being part of the participatory electronic tontine. You only pay for 40% of the amount. 

How does it work ?

  1. Join  or
  2. Get an invoice from your insurance company or the mutual funds platform
  3. Complete the application form and download the invoice along
  4. Wait for a response from MPCash  within a week
  5. If your application is accepted, subscribe to the electronic participatory tontine, pay 40% of your insurance costs and follow up the fundraising process from your back office.
  6. Once the amount is reached, you will receive a fundraising closing notification and MPCash will contact your insurer to arrange the bank transfer and, you will receive a copy of the swift.

Whatever the insurance option you have chosen, the approach remains the same.

GO! GO! Log into your back office


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