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TONTINE ONLINE: The Web tontine in a few lines

Tontine en ligne

Online tontines are tontines which memberships and participations are made online. On the web, there are mainly four different forms:

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TONTINE: Find out how our revolutionary method will transform your life and how you can use it to transform your finances

Tontine b

Having a sense of business, entrepreneurship, hard work; no doubt explain the success of anyone in this field. But also an ingenious system of mutual aid, innovative and flexible, that is the participatory electronic tontine of MPCash revolutionizes your life in all areas.

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MUTUAL: Save by using the "mutual" products of your platform

Mutuelle 1

This article aims to enlighten you about the products "Mutual" of MPCash.

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Return on investment of 71%, how is this possible?

Tontine fb 1

Here is a very recurring question in some circles.

I will tell you yes! Yes ! And a thousand times yes! This is possible in the concept "the maximum audience generates cash".

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Your financial freedom? Our METHOD (Passive Income Universal System) is very safe!

Independance financiere 1

Welcome to the world of large-scale business opportunities. You have just begun the first step of initiatives that will lead you to your financial freedom by choosing MPCash products as a means to achieve that.

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HOLIDAYS: Have fun with only 40% of your holiday budget

Vacance 1

Yes!!! It's the holidays! The vacation is sacred and essential to your physical and mental balance, which also affects your productivity at work; but unfortunately! Easy to say and understand, but not always easy to do because it requires money, often a lot of money, you do not always have!!!

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