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TONTINE ONLINE: The Web tontine in a few lines

Tontine en ligne

Online tontines are tontines which memberships and participations are made online. On the web, there are mainly four different forms:

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CROWDFUNDING: Fundraising, how does it work with us?

Crowdf 1

Fundraising by classical methods of crowfunding has proved high failure rates. MPCash changes the done!

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2 tips for financing your project through crowdfunding 4.0

Projet 2

In the first article I told you about two tricks to finance your projects  by MPCash and you promised to unveil more tips. Well! Here we are.

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TONTINE: Find out how our revolutionary method will transform your life and how you can use it to transform your finances

Tontine b

Having a sense of business, entrepreneurship, hard work; no doubt explain the success of anyone in this field. But also an ingenious system of mutual aid, innovative and flexible, that is the participatory electronic tontine of MPCash revolutionizes your life in all areas.

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CHEAP AIRLINE TICKETS: How does it work?

Billet d avion

You want an airline ticket? We sell it to you two to three times cheaper than the travel agencies and even cheaper than the company could offer !!!

The question that comes naturally to your mind is HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

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TRAVEL: Story of a trip to a Savannah country

VoyageToday I am going to take you to the discovery of an adventure that every traveler dreams of making once in his life. This adventure, I had the opportunity to experience several trips, but this one is unforgettable!

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TRIP: Do you know that some people travel with air tickets cheaper than yours? Find out!

Voyage 4

You like to travel, you are often looking forward to arriving, and you care about your comfort and your safety; so, the plane is your best ally

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TONTINE: The tontines flash box and flash pack in a few words

Tontine fb 3

The tontines flash box and flash pack are variants of classic tontine (rotary tontine, accumulative tontine) brought to world scale through the internet 

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MUTUAL: Save by using the "mutual" products of your platform

Mutuelle 1

This article aims to enlighten you about the products "Mutual" of MPCash.

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Return on investment of 71%, how is this possible?

Tontine fb 1

Here is a very recurring question in some circles.

I will tell you yes! Yes ! And a thousand times yes! This is possible in the concept "the maximum audience generates cash".

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